Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Simple Guide To Log Cabin Kits

So, you've decided to escape the busy life of the big city and retire to the peace and tranquillity of your very own Log Cabin Kit. Now, that you have decided on Log Cabins you have decisions to make about what type of Log Cabin is going to be the right one for you. Would you be interested in Small Log Cabin Kits, generally described as under 750 square feet or less in size?  Or maybe something a little larger, say maybe a Log Cabin Kit between 800 square feet and 5,000 square feet.  How many bedrooms, will be required for your family, 1, 2, 3, 4 or more, will the bedrooms need to be on the same level, or can they be on multiple levels?  How many bathrooms will be required?  Will You Require a Separate Dining Room?  Would the home be one level, a full two story, or a story and a half plan?  Would you require an open floor plan?  Would you require a loft area? Would you require a garage? Attached or Detached?  Would you require a porch, would it be on one side or on multiple sides?  How would you like your kitchen design open, closed, eat in?  These are some of the items you will need to take in consideration as you design your Log Cabin Kit.  Some additional things you will need to take into consideration are:   How long are you going to be living there? Is this a seasonal home, maybe a place to spend a few months in the spring & summer?  Or do you plan to make it a fully seasonal second home, a place to enjoy the sounds of the summer as well as the falling of the autumn leaves and Christmas in the winter? Also, you must ask is this going to be your primary residence? Do you plan on living in your log cabin all-year round?

As with any home, you'll want to find out what sort of look you are going for. Of course, all log homes will be made of wood and have a somewhat similar appearance, but they do differ. Some of these homes are more traditional in design; others are quite modern in design, many straight and hard edges, and crisp functional looks.  You will also have to determine what are Log Cabin Kits Prices for the type of Log Cabin you may be looking for.  You may also want to do some research on some Cheap Log Cabin Kits for sale that are like what you may be looking for.  Some Log Cabin Kits Prices will vary depending on factors, such as plan design, conventional or structural roof system, log size, milled or hand peeled logs, how many corners your plan has, log species. These are some things that need researching before a final decision can be made on a Log Cabin Kit.  A log home is an exciting purchase, a way to get back out into nature. Look and see what kind of log home is best for you. Tar River Log Homes is a major producer of Log Cabin Kits, delivering thru out the United States, Canada and around the world, give us a call today for a free no obligation quote at 1-252-544-5660.

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